24.06.30 21:26
It is the year 2030: GM-free GARLIC is the golden bulb, the stinking rose, much sought after. You and everyone else dream of owning a garlic bulb or two. Catch GarlicMania in the air. GARLIC=RICH AIR. There are 5000 PRIZED GARLIC BULBS, available at Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venice for exchange. Garlic is officially ordained as the new social currency. Trade virtual garlic for farm grown organic garlic. Join the G-mart (Garlic Mart) online where the commodity is shared network media and the currency is Garlic (G). G as credito.

AFTER THE CRASH FINAL LIQUIDITATION SALE: Sell your website after the Net crash. Sell your dot.com, dot.net, dot.org, dot.us, dot.info, dot.tv, etc. If it is still worth anything earn G. Sell your website for vitual G. Determine the value, shares and pricing per share for your URL(s). Trade the on the G-mart. Clickstream data sets the G-mart in constant fluctuation. SELL, BUY, OWN and RESELL. You own the power to shape and direct the G-mart. The online G-mart opens on June 12 and closes on October 30, 2030. At the time of the market closure the exchange rate between earned virtual G and REAL GARLIC is calculated and converted. Your accumulated virtual G may be redeemed for oganically farm grown GARLIC BULBS.